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Online Real Estate Photography Training Made Easy

No Photo-editing Experience Ever Required!


Our property photography course & literally become a Professional Real Estate Photographer overnight with our coaching hacks.


Your Real Estate photos with our specialised point & shoot DSLR + 360 camera recommendation’s or BYO digital camera setup.


Your Property images to the BoxBrownie.com platform – No Photoshop experience is ever needed with KaptureKings.com method.


Your clientele directly after your photo-shoot using your Smart phone & recommended cloud based accounting software.


This process & hunt down as much business as you can. All edited images are saved in your BoxBrownie.com dashboard + and can be delivered directly to your client when they are enhanced saving you time & effort.

Welcome to KaptureKings.com

Are you considering starting your own Real Estate Photography business but are overwhelmed by all the information out there?

Are you looking for the easiest way to kickstart your photography hobby into a paying career?

Are you currently a professional photographer looking for another add-on service to your current business?

Or, are you a Realtor who is interested in learning the art of Property Photography so you can save money + time & shoot your own Real Estate photos?

Well look no further, my name is Brad Filliponi & I am here to help… By offering online 1-on-1 Real Estate Photography Coaching. I have been a Property Photographer for over 16 years & first started my paying career shooting on film camera… Quickly moving into digital-only 6 months later… Riding the technology wave I have co-founded the World’s leading Real Estate Photo Editing business www.BoxBrownie.com.

I will explain to you in my training, all my industry secrets & coach you exactly how I used to run my personal photography business… Follow my specific Point & Shoot camera settings & you can photograph any real estate interior or exterior image, any time for the day.

Best of all, no Photoshop experience is ever required!

All KaptureKings.com Clients Have

  • No Franchise Fee’s or on-going royalties to corporate companies – Purchase our photography training & work your business exactly how you want.
  • No Territories or Area restrictions – Work anywhere you wish in the entire World!
  • Pay As You Go “a la carte” style photo editing at true wholesale prices with No Subscriptions – KaptureKings.com is powered by the BoxBrownie.com online platform, this is why No Photo Editing experience is ever needed with our method.
  • Ability to book future 1-on-1 consulting at anytime with Global Property Photography coach Brad Filliponi.

Additional Services

KaptureKings.com will teach you how to make extra income offering the following upsells:


Day Photography

KaptureKings.com Real Estate Photography course teaches their student’s how to evenly balance the contrast from the sunlight & shadows in our property photography training process using the latest in HDR bracketing techniques.

Learn More »


Dusk Photography

Did you know that Real Estate listings with twilight photos command higher asking prices & are proven to receive up to 400-500% more clicks compared to a Daytime hero image?

Learn More »

Floor Plan Re-draws

Floor Plan Re-draws

KaptureKings.com mentors their students how to use a laser measurer on-site and sketch up a real estate Floor Plan while you are at the property taking the photos for your clientele.

Learn More »

Day to Dusk

Day to Dusk

Twilight Photography in America is proven to attract up to 400% more enquiry if used as your hero shot on your MLS – In Australia, if used on your property portal main image it is as high as 500% more views!

Learn More »

Item removal

Item Removal

No need to worry about learning “Photoshop” or any other Photo Editing programs to remove items from your photos anymore.

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CGI Renders

CGI Renders

CGI Renders are exactly how the successful Builders and Developers presale all around the Globe and sell their construction directly off the plan.

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Virtual furniture

Virtual Furniture

Traditional physical staging is a terrific option if you have the advertising budget, but if you don’t, Virtual-Staging will be your next best property marketing option.

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360° Real Estate Virtual Tours

360° Real Estate Virtual Tours

360 Real Estate Virtual Tours have skyrocketed in popularity into the Real Estate advertising world since the COVID-19 virus outbreak started and they are now another household name within the Real-estate industry to both real estate agents & homeowners.

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Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

Drone photography can easily show off your listing’s location, local landmarks and it is the ideal way for any property listing to stand out.

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Virtual Renovations

Virtual Renovations

Virtual Renovation is a very trending enhancement for any renovators fixing & flipping property… And is going to make you look like a Marketing guru each and every time.

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Work your own hours… Be your own Boss!

This table explains how you can easily create AU$1511.00 per week working only a minimum of only two jobs per day (therefore only x10 photoshoots a week), with no Photoshop or no Photo Editing experience ever required!

Now imagine...

  • If you were shooting 5–6 homes a day? And working weekends?
  • Offering 360 Virtual Tours?
  • Stacking on Aerial Drone Photography?
  • Measuring your own Floor Plans?
  • Offering a Professional Property Copywriting service?
  • Shooting staff Portrait shots?
  • And then offering extra photo editing upsells like Virtual Staging, Day to Dusk + CGI Renders!
Job 01 Job 02 Totals
Mon +AU$125.00, 6 day photos, AU$12.00 editing AU$175.00, 10 day photos, AU$20.00 editing AU$268.00
Tues +AU$125.00, 6 day photos, AU$12.00 editing AU$275.00, 30 day photos, AU$60.00 editing AU$403.00
Wed +AU$125.00, 6 day photos, AU$12.00 editing AU$350.00, 30 dusk photos, AU$60.00 editing AU$367.00
Thurs +AU$125.00, 6 day photos, AU$12.00 editing AU$125.00, 6 day photos, AU$12.00 editing AU$226.00
Fri +AU$125.00, 6 day photos, AU$12.00 editing AU$150.00, 8 day photos, AU$16.00 editing AU$247.00
Totals AU$565.00 editing AU$907.00 editing AU$1511.00

What Do Our Photography Students Say?

Nick “Tiger” Quay

Nick "Tiger" Quay is a well-renowned Realtor from Miami, Florida, USA. He has recently purchased KaptureKings.com property photography training eBook & is now having a stack of fun (& saving a sum!) photographing his own new listings for his prestige clientele.

Michael Bryden

Michael Bryden from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia is a commercial airline pilot who used to fly 737's & 747's but recently lost his job due to the COVID-19 outbreak. He purchased a drone because he missed flying so much + stumbled across KaptureKings.com online real estate photography training – He has now fast tracked his photography knowledge & is now shooting full-time real estate photography thanks to KaptureKings.com PLATINUM Online Training package.

Rob Levy

Rob Levy is an award-winning Re/Max real-estate agent from Townsville, Queensland, Australia. He has recently signed up to KaptureKings.com training & now saves time + money shooting his own property listings... Funny thing is now everyone in town is even asking who his new photographer is!

KaptureKings.com eBook trained photographers

Here is a short collaboration testimonial of photographers who have purchased KaptureKings.com eBook training & are now diversifying their photography product offerings earning more income within their current photography business.

2GB Sydney Radio Interview

Why property presentation is a huge factor when selling a home.

The Marketing Trench

Virtual Showing Strategies & Open Houses Featuring Brad Filliponi.

Why Invest in KaptureKings.com Training?

“This is not my first rodeo... I first starting shooting Professional Property Photography on Film cameras for Realtors – Not many Real Estate Photographers can claim this!”

Search around... There is honestly no Real Estate Photography training available Globally like the KaptureKings.com method.

Brad Filliponi has over 16 years Real Estate Photography experience.

Brad has personally trained thousands of photography clients all around the World both on-site & online.

No Franchise fees, territories or hidden conditions with the KaptureKings.com coaching blueprint – Learn all of Brad’s “Property Photography Hacks” & kickstart your own Real Estate Marketing business anywhere on the Globe.

KaptureKings.com training course was created by the Founder of the World’s leading Real Estate Photo Editing platform BoxBrownie.com who offer high end Property Photo Editing retouching services off an “editing menu” where you only pay for what you need – This photo-editing system is now used by over 100,000 Property Professionals in 100 Countries & growing daily.

All KaptureKings.com clients receive additional free BoxBrownie.com trial editing credit with any purchase & remember No Photoshop or photo editing experience is ever required with this training academy method.

Your personal Photography business technology will always be 100% up to date as BoxBrownie.com follow the latest Property Marketing Trends & build their own in-house property marketing technology keeping ahead of Global industry trends.

KaptureKings.com clients receive free eBook training updates when new products are released so you stay ahead of the curve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What training options are available?

Training eBook manual only, AU$350.00 inc GST/taxes.

Remember, this is the cost of only x1 Photoshoot & the following are all included in the price:

  • The KaptureKings.com Real Estate Photography Training manual (eBook) explains exactly how Founder Brad Filliponi ran his own personal Australian property photography business; including the exact camera equipment used, along with the “point & shoot” settings used to cover each scenario. His Training Manual also includes which accounting software he recommends, which cloud based accountant to use, and advises the best place to purchase your camera equipment from + much more. Remember as KaptureKings.com is powered by the BoxBrownie.com platform – No Photoshop or Photo-Editing experience is ever required with our method… No territory boundaries… No on-going franchise fees… No loyalty fees… No restrictions… no worries! Work anywhere you want in the World that has WIFI internet connection & pay as you require photo editing credit a la cart style, so you only pay for what you need when you need it.
  • Included in the eBook is over 2.5+ hours of exclusive non-released on-site video footage of “real-life” photographer training with over 150 tips combined alone.
  • Free AU$50.00 BoxBrownie.com photo editing credit included with every eBook or hourly coaching webinar training purchased.
  • KaptureKings.com also supply you a BoxBrownie.com Pre-photography checklist to help ensure your clients properties are cleaned up before you arrive, making your photo-shoot so much easier and time-effective.
  • Also Included – BoxBrownie.com’s “How to measure & draw a property Floor Plan” eBook. This document will explain how to measure Floorplans on-site while you are photographing. Off course, BoxBrownie.com re-draw your sketches so you don’t need waste time learning CAD or DWG file software.
  • Your photography product range will always be kept up to date with future BoxBrownie.com EDM updates.
  • Any KaptureKings.com eBook updates in future are emailed to you free of charge.

All clients receive an official KaptureKings.com “Seal of Approval” stating you have been professionally trained in Real Estate Photography. Place this on your website & marketing material for extended credibility.

Additional Extra’s:

On-Line Training via video webinar – 1 hour: AU$350.00 (inc. GST/taxes)

Bonus: AU$50.00 BoxBrownie.com credit with every 1-hour purchase.

Online coaching or consulting: $350.00 inc. GST/taxes per hour via Zoom video webinar calls. 30 min sessions are available but are billed hourly. Important to note: So much criteria can be covered within a 30 min / 60 min chat. Remember this is the price you can charge for x1 real estate photo-shoot alone. Pick my brains and Google search the rest to keep your business start-up costs down. AU$2200.00 inc. GST/taxes per month.

Platinum Online Training package

KaptureKings.com “Platinum” training is an initial 90 minute 1-on-1 webinar call with the ability to be able to personally email Brad Filliponi at any time with any technical questions you have for a 1 complete month afterwards. Unlimited emails will be answered within a guaranteed 48 hour turn-around time. Your photography jobs can be critiqued, and any industry questions answered within that timeframe. This is the “ultimate” head start into the world of Real Estate Photography for the fraction of a price a photography franchise business would cost you. Price includes $200.00 BoxBrownie.com photo editing credit.

What does your recommended camera setup cost?

It’s safe to say roughly between AU$2500 & AU$3500 inc. taxes (DSLR real estate photography camera setup only) depending on where you purchase it from and what you exactly need and want. You may even find these setups cheaper online or 2nd hand. When your new to the industry, it’s easy to over capitalise and purchase camera equipment you didn’t even ever need! Therefore, when you have basic business tools like a vehicle, computer & internet connection – You can be out there earning an income as a real estate photographer for easily for the above price! You’re buying the camera, anyway, so why not seriously consider purchasing our training eBook manual too fast track you into the property industry sooner! The quickest way to learn is from others’ mistakes… I have been in the industry a very long time and there is no self-teach property photography system more affordable or easier considering you never ever require photo editing skills as KaptureKings.com is powered by BoxBrownie.com system. This is the best industry head-start possible all for the price of 1 future photo-shoot.

Can I offer aerial/drone photography?

Yes you can with recent changes in Australian legislation and CASA requirements drones under 2 kg can be used for commercial real estate photography use. We will guide you on the best setup to use for your business as not all drones are the same and you can waste AU$1000’s purchasing a specialised aerial beast you don’t even need!

How much can I charge my customers?

There are no set prices in real estate photography, so every business & location is different around the world. A rough industry guideline is between: AU$77.00 (7-day photos) & AU$350.00 (complete dusk photo shoot 25+ photos). Check your local competitors in your area and work out a price structure that best suits you, whilst delivering value. FYI, my rural clients used to pay me AU$450.00 for their dusk photo-shoots (including 30 min travel each way). Use this website as a rough guide and check your prices from your local competitors to confirm your market price. It’s important to note that your photo editing prices with boxbrownie.com never go up… They only come down as the platform scales and gets busier.

Can I use my own camera with this course?

Yes, you certainly can, and we can simply explain to you the settings you require to use on-site… However, if you want to shoot “exactly” the same way we do & get the “exact” swift results you see here I do highly recommend you purchase the setup Brad used himself every day. It’s honestly a simple single push-button camera setup and will make your job an absolute breeze we promise! The setup I recommend is so fast, that I am able to photograph 57 photos of a home in 30 mins. That’s almost 1 photo angle every 30 seconds!

Does the training price include camera gear and everything else to get started?

No, you must purchase your own camera equipment separately (additional charge from our eBook manual & coaching costs – If on-site training, its best to pre-purchase your camera setup prior to your training date, so we can set it up for you on the day). Brad Filliponi’s training manual eBook is a collaboration of data and information he has created sourced from over 16 years of being in the real estate photography industry, summarised into an everyday easy to learn and referenced format.

Why is your training so cheap?

Shop around… Most property photography franchises will cost you around AU$10,000–AU$20,000 + to start your own real estate or architecture photography business with extended franchise fees and ongoing loyalties to corporate companies. Most of them have an outsourced photo editing centre and charge a premium to their franchisee business owners where they create an extra income from their franchisee’s which is never fair. This means you are paying higher costs to get your photos “edited”. I have a serious passion for what I do and as such have co-designed the worlds-leading photo editing system (boxbrownie.com specialising in global real estate photo re-touching used by over 95 countries and growing rapidly), therefore I can offer a flat online training rate for anyone wishing to start their own real estate photography business anywhere in the World with wholesale photo editing service – Remember, BoxBrownie.com’s editing prices never go up… They actually only come down! Turn your hobby into a paying career today with our guided help!

What if I need some extra time to chat further about any topics and extra consulting help?

Yes, we are always here to help with your further training needs… Extra 1-on-1 consultancy fees are charged at AU$350.00 inc. taxes per hour and can be booked under 30 or 60 minute time-frames via video webinar. Each consulting charge includes AU$50.00 boxbrownie.com editing credit. Remember, this is just the price of what you can charge for 1 photo-shoot so pick my brains & Google search the rest! We can cover a lot of topics in just 30 min or 1 hour time slots. Billed hourly only. Also, please note: You also have free photo editing guidance from our operations team at boxbrownie.com 24 hours a day + 7 days a week – so either way you have access to professional marketing advice when you need it.

About Kapture Kings

KaptureKings.com are the leading specialists in Online Real Estate Photography training. Founder and Global Property Photography coach Brad Filliponi has been shooting Real Estate since 2001 and first started his paying property photography career on film camera (not many property photographers can quote this!) helping thousands of homeowners achieve fantastic results selling their properties with his digital photography techniques.

With all the internet property marketing options these days, it pays to use the best photography mentor to teach you how to take stunning images that really talk to the potential buyer. You only get 1 chance at a first impression so make it count!

Every aspect of the KaptureKings.com Real Estate Photography academy is about obtaining the best possible outcome for their students who are trained how to capture stunning real estate images using the latest in digital imaging equipment using specialist HDR bracketing techniques to make sure their property photos stand out from the rest!

KaptureKings.com work closely with their clients so they can achieve the best possible professional outcome in a swift manner with the simplest photography method known today.


  • Rob Williams – Rob Williams Real Estate

    Rob Williams – Rob Williams Real Estate

    I was recommended Brad’s services from a client selling their home many years ago (client was a local ex real estate agent) his photos were so good that I haven’t even tried anyone else since!

    Aimee Berridge – realestate.com.au

    Aimee Berridge – realestate.com.au

    I have only excellent things to say about the team – I highly recommend Brad & Boxbrownie.com to any agency wanting to take their online advertising to the next level, or, any agency that has struggled to find the time to create quality online listings.

    John Anderson – Off The Plan Group

    John Anderson – Off The Plan Group

    When you have the best… Forget the rest!

  • Lio Tellan – Look Homes

    Lio Tellan – Look Homes

    We have been highly impressed with the level of professionalism and quality of work, in particular the 3d rendering, coloured floor plans, photo editing and photographic services.

    Damian Slade – Image Property

    Damian Slade – Image Property

    Brad Filliponi is well regarded throughout our office for being and extremely good photographer, easy to work with, punctual, creative and above all else he makes us look good in the eyes of our clients which in turn helps us sell more property.

    Luke Carter – Harcourts Caloundra

    Luke Carter – Harcourts Caloundra

    Brad has a creative side that allows him to capture the best shot possible. In my opinion you can’t go past Brad Filliponi Photography.

  • Paula Harris – Vizion Group QLD

    Paula Harris – Vizion Group QLD

    We use Brad for photoshoots of our completed duplexes and the photos are amazing. We have them on our website and they help sell our product. Brad always turns up on time and is friendly and professional. I would highly recommend him.

    Russel Kay – Coastlife homes

    Russel Kay – Coastlife homes

    We use Brad to photograph all our display homes when required – We would highly recommend him to any builder who requires high end top quality images for marketing use with a speedy turn-around time.

    Cindy Lane – Aspire Estate Agents

    Cindy Lane – Aspire Estate Agents

    I would highly recommend Brad’s services to anyone who is looking for a talented photographer. Brad’s wide range of photography services are inexpensive, have rapid turn around and extremely effective when presenting a property to the market.

  • Danelle Wiseman – Dee Jay Property

    Danelle Wiseman – Dee Jay Property

    We love using Brad and the team at Boxbrownie.com – We have always found their service to be friendly, professional and a quality product delivered. We love that he always helps us make the property look as good as possible and the added floor plan upload service is fantastic.

    Rex Larkins – Amber Werchon Property

    Rex Larkins – Amber Werchon Property

    Professional, courteous to Sellers, eye for detail, on time and just nothing was a problem. He also understands that some Sellers have budget restrictions and he respected that, a nice trait to have.

    Kate Dunn – Ausmar homes

    Kate Dunn – Ausmar homes

    The 3D renders produced by Brad Filliponi Photography + Boxbrownie.com have been nothing short of exceptional, nailing our brief every time and within a speedy timeframe.

Trusted by the Best

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